The Meeting Place

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Who we are

We are a group of people from the local churches and our friends who work together to provide a resource for the people of Bookham and surroundings.  

The Meeting Place is the over-arching organisation that implements and manages a number of hubs which are designed to benefit the local community in a number of ways. 

Find out more about each hub under 'what we do'.   

Our vision is to see the lives of people in our local community improved / transformed by making ourselves, our resources and our connections available in order to bring hope and support to those in need.  

The Meeting Place Community Hub in Bookham


Our values:

  1. Partnership – We believe that working with others is mutually beneficial and a responsible way to use precious resources (human, material and financial). We actively seek ways to be involved in a variety of partnerships, it is our preferred option.
  2. Generosity – We can be generous with our skills, time and experience. We are given much and therefor can give away much.
  3. Enabling – We seek, through relationships to enable those we have contact with to develop skills, confidence and friendships.
  4. An Ethical Approach – We believe that we have a responsibility to model an ethical approach to the resources we use and the items we share. We use Fair Trade products, we recycle where possible and try to be eco-friendly in our decision-making.
  5. Inclusivity - We make opportunities available to everyone we are in a position to assist, regardless of their backgrounds, faith position or physical, psychological or financial abilities.
  6. Cultivating Hope - Our faith means that we are hopeful that change can happen and lives can improve. We are a positive, encouraging presence as we help in practical ways. We are always ready to share the reason for our hope when invited to do so.
  7. Acceptance – We accept that people have the right to make decisions about their own lives and journeys. We accept that it is not our responsibility to fix people’s lives and we accept that we need not put a time limit on improvement, change or progress in their lives.

Our Ethos:

People of faith and their friends and partners helping to make a difference in the community providing practical, emotional and spiritual support.

Offering a safe and welcoming space with no pressure and no strings attached.

A listening ear, not pushy, but with Christian love and showing respect and acceptance in all circumstances.

Community Partnerships are valued.

The board of trustees: 

Margaret Hibbert (Chairlady), Denise Bottomley, Val Lambert, Rob Stevens, Julie Partridge,  Ian Taylor and Lee O'Mahony.